Aubrey Exhaust Fan and Range Hood

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Fix your old Aubrey bathroom fan with the best replacement parts. If not, replace your Aubrey fan with a quiet and powerful Delta Series fan. Greatly reduce the noise in your bathroom and enjoy something new.

Aubrey Exhaust Fan and Range Hood

In previous years, Aubrey was the leading brand for range hoods and exhaust fans. Their bathroom exhaust fans were powerful and relatively energy efficient. Most Aubrey exhaust fans were also designed to be stylish with unique grills. Over time, new companies arose and created competition within the market. As a result a few years later, Aubrey was no longer able to stay in business and sold-out to Nutone. The manufacturing of Aubrey products immediately ceased and the supply of replacement parts became limited.

After many years of use, exhaust fans and range hoods wear out and require replacement parts to remain operational. The most common replacement parts for older products are grills and motors. Since Aubrey products have been obsolete for over 15 years, most of the replacement parts no longer exist or are in limited supply. Fortunately, we found the last remaining supply of Aubrey replacement parts.

Newly Added List of Aubrey Parts

Our list below shows the most recently added Aubrey parts. This list will change time to time as more remaining stock is found. It is important to note that a large majority of replacement parts are no longer available.


Part Name

Part Number


Aubrey 7312

......Motor Replacement......



Aubrey 7039

Fan Blower Wheel



Aubrey 7564

Motor Replacement



Aubrey 7560

Motor Replacement



Aubrey 7345

Heating Element



How Can I Find The Correct Part?

In order to find the right Aubrey replacement part, you must first know exactly which part is broken. After you find the broken part, click here to search for your Aubrey model on our replacement part site. Once you find your model, click on it to view the available replacement parts. Next find your part in the “parts break down diagram” and record its associated part number. If the part you are looking for is still available, it will be listed below the parts breakdown diagram. We fully understand that some of these diagrams could be complicated and confusing. To help you quickly find what you are looking for, our highly experienced technicians are awaiting your call toll free at 866.368.8663

Our Recommended List of Easy Installation, Low-Priced Bathroom Fans

Is your Aubrey bathroom fan not salvageable? The hassle of replacing a bathroom fan could be dreadful. It could require cutting a larger hole in the ceiling, an installation of a new ducting system, and maybe even

new power cables. Fortunately technology has advanced immensely, and bathroom fan installation has become extremely easy.

Delta series are the perfect fans to replace your old Aubrey bathroom fan. Delta offers cutting-edge retrofit technology that allow for an easy and quick installation. These models are designed so that anyone without experience could easily install it. The unique DC brushless motor in Delta products provide high amounts of power and is nearly silent. View our recommended list below and find the exhaust fan that works best for you.





Delta GBR80L Bathroom Fan and Light

DC Brushless Motor, 0.8 Sones, Humidity Sensor, 80 CFM...

...$90.91 ...

Delta SLM50B Bathroom Fan

DC Brushless Motor, 0.8 Sones, 50 CFM


Delta GBR80HL Bathroom Fan

80 CFM, Humidity Sensor, DC Brushless Motor, 0.8 Sones, Light


Delta RAD80L Bathroom Fan with Light and Heat

DC Brushless Motor, 0.8 Sones, 80 CFM, Light, Heating Element


Delta SLM70 Bathroom Fan

0.8 Sones, 70 CFM, DC Brushless Motor, Low Profile


How Do I Install a New Bathroom Fan?

The installation difficulty could increase or decrease depending on the extra steps needed to install the fan. However, the overall difficulty is usually very low. Since these units are simple to install, our short guide below will help you with the installation.

In a few simple, easy steps, the installation guide is as follows:

Step One: Find the exact dimensions of the unit in the installation guide. (Note: The actual size of the housing is smaller than the size of the grille)

Step Two: Measure the wall and mark the exact amount of space needed to install the new unit. If the pre-existing hole is larger than the new exhaust fan, an installation specialist should be contacted.

Step Three: Cut a hole in the wall based on the measurement markings.

Step Four: Secure housing by inserting the correct screws and bolts

Step Five: Install power cable to the unit (See instruction manual for more information).

Step Six: Attach grille

List of Recently Added Aubrey Models

, 562, 565, 859, 861, 862, 7001, 7002, 7037, 7038, 7039, 7100,7101, 7150, 7201, 7312, 7345, 7316, 7412, 7415, 7550, 7560,7563, 7565, 7585, 7568, 7620, 7650, 7661, 7655, 7659, 8861, 8862, 9006, 7555IC, 7558W, 7618W

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