Cheapest Ironing Centers

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Improve your home with a safe and convenient ironing center. Search our list of ironing centers for the one that perfectly fits your room.

Cheapest Ironing Centers

Ironing centers provide a major convenience to any home. Setting up a traditional ironing boards are a hassle and a safety hazard. These ironing systems are unstable and could easily fall over causing serious injuries. Wall mounted ironing boards resolve those issues caused by traditional ironing systems. The all-in-one features allow for an easy setup and a solid base to completely stabilize the unit.

Each ironing center comes with unique features that differ from one another. The right ironing center for you is one that fulfills your specific criteria. Some features include an unfinished door, electric plugins, non- electric units, low-profile, and extra storage capabilities. Our list of ironing centers account for these different features and allow you to easily find the right ironing center.

Our Recommended List of Ironing Centers

Our list of ironing centers is arranged based on added features and price of the entire unit. Generally the higher the cost of the unit, the more features and capabilities the ironing center will have. Once you discover what features are essential, it will be easy to find the matching ironing system.





Ironaway NE42 In Wall Ironing Board

Maple Door, Hot Iron Storage, Non- Electric, Fully Assembled, Garment Bar


Ironaway E342 In Wall Ironing Board

Electric Unit, Swivel Options, Hot Iron Storage, Garment Bar, Spot Light


Ironaway A42 In Wall Ironing Board

Electric Unit, Swivel Options, Hot Iron Storage, Storage Shelf, Garment Bar


Ironaway E46 In Wall Ironing Board

Electric Unit, Maple Unfinished Door, 60 Minute Timer, Safety Switch, Hot Iron Storage, Storage Shelves, Garment Bar, Spot Lighting


Ironaway AE42 In Wall Ironing Board

Electric Unit, Maple Unfinished Door, 60 Minute Timer, Safety Switch, Hot Iron Storage, Storage Shelves, Garment Bar, Spot Lighting


Why Is an Ironing Center Needed?

Ironing centers are necessary for a number of reasons. The most important aspect of ironing centers is their safety features. The structural design of the ironing center provides maximum stability. Without stability, the ironing board becomes a major health hazard, especially around small children. Another added safety feature is the automatic On/ Off switch. When the ironing center is in its locked position, the On/ Off switch will automatically turn off the power to the unit. This feature ensures that a hot iron left on will not cause severe damage to the unit or your home.

How Are Ironing Centers Installed?

The installation difficulty for ironing centers depends on the additional features added. Non-electric units do not require any difficult tasks and can be quickly mounted in the correct size hole. However, electric units are not as easy to install. Electric units require a power cable with the correct amount of watts. This task may be difficult and could require a technician to install the unit.

Nevertheless, ironing centers are easy to install. In a few simple, easy steps, the installation guide is as follows:

Step One: Find the exact dimensions of the unit in the installation guide.

Step Two: Measure the wall and mark the exact amount of space needed to install the unit.

Step Three: Cut a hole in the wall based on the measurement markings.

Step Four: Install power cable to the unit (See instruction manual for more information).

Step Five: Fasten ironing center to the wall. Ensure that each place holder is tight to increase the stability of the unit.

Step Six: Decorate/ finish wood door to match your room.

What Are the Prices For The Best Ironing Centers?

One of the best ironing centers is the Ironaway UD42. The UD42 on average costs $600 and comes with one of the most advanced features. These features include a universal design, precise swivel technology, high- quality safety features, and extra storage capacity. The Ironaway AE42 is also another high-quality ironing center. This ironing center costs $484 on average and comes with similar features as the UD42.

Ironing centers can greatly increase in price and value depending on the added features. Other upgradeable features include a garment bar, IronAway steam iron, Sleeve Board, and extra cover pads. Even though most of these additional items are less than $30, they can easily increase the overall price.

Where Can I Find IronAway Replacement Parts?

Over the duration of a few years, wall mounted Ironing boards can slowly wear out. Instead of replacing the expensive unit, you can easily fix it yourself with replacement parts! Every IronAway replacement part can be found on our replacement parts website.

The most common part to wear out first is the ironing board pad and cover. Fortunately, these parts can quickly be replaced. To quickly find the replacement parts for your specific model, please select it from our list below.

Dont let a broken ironing center be a source of negativity. Find the exact replacement parts you need to keep your appliances up to date.

Find IronAway Replacement Parts for Models

Click one of these IronAway models to find its associated replacement parts. Once the correct parts are found, simply proceed following steps.





















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