Wall Mounted Ironing Board: Which One Should I Buy?

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Wall Mounted Ironing Board: Which One Should I Buy?


Ironaway wall mounted ironing boards are one of the most convenient appliances for any home. These systems remove the hazard of traditional ironing boards and offer additional features like outlet plugs and overhead lights. Choosing the perfect fold out ironing center is essential for total satisfaction. Some models offer electrical features such as an overhead light or an outlet plug, while others are simply an ironing board mounted on the surface of a wall. In terms of style, wall mounted ironing boards have an interchangeable door so the different décor options are limitless.

Ironing Centers Increase the Value of Your Home

The value of our home is important in today’s economy. This value determines potential gains or losses if we sold at appraisal value. The situation could arise one day where you have to sell your home and move somewhere else. Therefore, it is important that we maintain our homes and do all we can to increase its resale value. The better we maintain our home, the amount of resale value increases.

There are many ways to increase the value of our home. We can upgrade kitchen cabinets and counters, purchase new flooring, and even create a beautiful landscape to add elegance to the outside features of our home. However, one important factor that people overlook is appliances. High-quality appliances have a huge effect on the value of homes. These appliances can be new lighting, central vacuum systems, door chime kits, range hoods, bathroom fans, and wall mounted ironing boards.

Traditional ironing boards are becoming a thing of the past. The new generation prefers hide-away ironing boards. These ironing boards, like the Iron Away models, are complete units that mount in a wall. These systems include a metal framing, power outlet, fold down ironing board for convenient storage, and a timer delay. The convenience of these wall mounted systems is tremendous. They remove the need to set up the ironing board for each use, free up storage space, and add style to a room. Since most Iron Away systems come with an unfinished door, the ability to customize the unit to match your room is very easy. You could use a stain on the door, or even paint it to match the colors of your room. The options for customization are limitless.

Importance and Uses of an Ironing Center

The main purpose of technology is to simplify processes and daily tasks. For example, washing machines make it so that we do not have to wash and rinse each garment by hand, and calculators perform math functions instantaneously so that we don’t have to ourselves. Built-in ironing boards are the washing machine of ironing. Ironing centers conveniently tuck away the board and the iron itself. It saves a lot of space and the hassle of setting up the board every time. These systems allow you to simply fold down the ironing board, turn on a timer power switch, and take care of all the tasks needed. When finished, simply place the iron in its resting place, fold up the ironing board, and close the door. It’s that simple!

Convenience is the best attribute of most appliances. If it isn’t convenient, then why would you use it? Wall mounted ironing boards come with an adjustable swivel feature. All you need to do is turn the ironing board to face the way you want it to. This allows you to easily get in the places you need to without walking around the entire board each time.

Features of an Ironing Center

Even though ironing centers appear to be extremely simple, they actually have a lot of versatility and usefulness. One of the best features is hot iron storage. On traditional systems, you cannot put away the iron right away when it is hot. If you did, you would run the risk of causing a fire. To resolve this issue, Iron away systems include a storage compartment made out of strong metal to completely remove the risk of fires. Hot iron storage is just one of the many features of the Iron Away ironing board. Other important features include:

  • 42" Ventilated Board
  • Adjustable Swivel 4" vertical adjustment
  • Hot Iron Storage
  • 60 Minute Motor Timer
  • Electrical System, Appliance Outlet, indicator light
  • Additional Storage Shelves
  • Full Length Piano Hinge/ Door Hardware
  • Ironing Board Cover & Pad
  • Electrical Cord Cover & Restraints
  • Built-in-Safety Switch
  • Fully Assembled and ready to install (must add 110v electrical)
  • UL Listed
  • Garment Bar
  • Spotlight/ Less Bulb
  • Unfinished Flush Wood Door (Maple Veneer Unfinished)
  • Finish dim 15 x 52 x 7 3/4
  • Rough dim 14 3/8 x 51 1/4 x 3 7/8

Safety features

Safety is a huge concern when purchasing a new appliance. Normal ironing centers are a huge safety hazard. One of the most common accidents caused by traditional ironing systems is children bumping or pulling on something by the ironing board. They often cause the ironing board to fall over which could cause the hot iron to injure them or start a fire. As a parent, the safety of my children is my first priority! Since safety is a huge concern for me, I use an ironing center in my home because it provides a high amount of safety.

To eliminate falling ironing boards and hot irons, ironing centers are mounted in the wall so that they cannot fall over. Another issue with ironing systems is that people tend to leave them on. Most ironing centers come with an adjustable motor timer. This timer allows you to set a specific run time for the iron. Once that timer expires, the power to the unit will shut off. This feature ensures that the unit is not left on for hours after you’ve finished using it.

Even though the shut-off timer is efficient, there is still a potential hazard if the iron is still on while the door to the unit is closed. If something flammable was touching the hot iron, it could cause a fire in your home. To resolve this issue, all ironing centers come with a built-in-safety switch. When the door to the unit is closed, the safety switch is pressed in and all power is shut off.

Choosing the Best Ironing Center

A common question most people have is “What type of wall mounted ironing system do I need? Which one would look best in my home?” This question can be answered by your specific needs. There are many different types wall mounted ironing centers that can fit your needs.

Some models, like the Ironaway42, offer an outlet plug, extra shelving space, and an overhead light. On the other hand, the Ironaway NE42 is a non-electric unit and does not come with an outlet plug or overhead light. Other units, such as the Ironaway NE242, are simply a surface mounted ironing board. These units do not come with any extra features except for the fact that they are mounted on the surface of the wall. For a complete list of different Ironaway units, check them out here.

Even though each ironing center model has different features, they all share a common style. Every model shares the same doors. No matter what 42” unit you buy, all of the 42” units use the same types of door. A few examples of the doors that are offered are maple, pine, metal, and painted oak. Since the main style feature is interchangeable, it is important to base your decision off of the core features of the unit itself.

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