What Are The Benefits Of A Range Hood?

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What Are The Benefits Of A Range Hood?

Range hoods can be very stylish and add real value to a kitchen. They give your kitchen a sense of professionalism and beauty. Sometimes kitchen range hoods are known by many different names. Some of the more common names are:

  • Range Hood
  • Extractor Hood
  • Ventilation Hood
  • Kitchen Hood
  • Electric Kitchen Chimney
  • Exhaust Plume
  • Fume Extractor

Range hoods seem to be very self-explanatory in their function. The most common perception of a range hood is that they simply remove smoke and steam out of the air while cooking. However, range hoods are more capable than just that. Range hoods also remove gasses, grease, and other airborne particles created while cooking. These are just a few capabilities of a range hood.

1. Air Cleansing

If you have ever cleaned above your stove, you probably noticed that there is a layer of grease on everything. Somehow there is grease on the upper cabinets, walls, and all surrounding objects. The most common thought is “How did grease get all the way up here!?”

When we cook with oils or greasy food, some of that oil is carried into the air along with steam. The combination of oil and steam float through the air and settle on everything nearby. If you don’t regularly clean the front of your cabinets, you are prone to this buildup. To easily combat this issue, range hoods are designed to take in this air and collect the pollutants into a filter.

Range hoods typically come in two different styles. One style vacuums up the kitchen air, filters it through an aluminum filter, and releases it outside through an exhaust duct. This style is generally preferred because it takes the air including gasses created while cooking, and expels it outside of your home. These types of range hoods create an atmosphere of fresh and clean within your kitchen.

The other style of range hood, typically known as an under cabinet range hood, vacuums up the kitchen air, filters it through a charcoal filter, and then recirculates it back into the kitchen. These types of systems are efficient at removing the steam and oils out of the air, but they rarely have capabilities that remove hazardous gasses.

The most common toxic gas produced while cooking is carbon monoxide. Depending on the size of your range, there could be high amounts of carbon monoxide residing in your kitchen. This could be very hazardous to your health, and it should be removed. Fortunately, some range hoods are designed to remove these gasses in your kitchen, making it a safer environment.

2. Excess Heat Removal

Range hoods are extremely efficient at moving your kitchen air. If you regularly cook for long periods of time, the heat could become a burden. There is nothing worse than cooking a feast for a group of guests and it is making your house very hot.

The added benefit of a range hood is it removes the excess heat from your kitchen. Along with harmful gasses and smoke, the heat will be taken in by the range hood and sent outside. This efficiency will allow you to focus on your cooking tasks instead of the excessive heat.

3. Enhanced Kitchen Lighting

One of the best added features to a range hood is the extra light that it can provide. Extra lighting allows you to see what’s going on in your kitchen better. Many of us become comfortable with our normal kitchen lighting, but when we turn on an extra light, we realize how much better it can be.

These lights are beneficial for many different cooking purposes. When we cook, we want to make sure that our food is cooked thoroughly and not burnt. If we cannot see what is actually going on in our pan, the chances of burning our food are higher. This improved visual accuracy will increase our foods flavor and help us make the food taste the way it’s supposed to.

Extra light from the range hood is also very useful while cleaning the stove. There are places in our kitchen where we cannot see well because our lighting does not allow it. Having lights above our stove allows us to find those places so that we can have a cleaner cooking environment.

4. Increase Property Value

The standard of living is increasing all across America. A perfect addition to a great looking home is a range hood. It is common to find some type of range hood in every American home, whether it is an exhaust type or air re-circulation type. A high quality range hood will definitely increase the value of your home. These elegant appliances compliment a kitchen’s décor and give it a luxurious feel.

However, if a range hood vent is outdated and needs to be replaced, that could hurt the value of the home. An old range hood can be very distracting and could diminish the value of the rest of your kitchen. Range hood replacement parts are easy to find and can help make your old range hood look new again. It is important to have a great looking centerpiece in your kitchen to promote its value.

5. Comfortable Living

The best benefit of a range hood is the enjoyment and satisfaction of a clean home. Daily cooking tasks become easier, and their airborne mess is significantly reduced. The unpleasant odor from cooked meals is quickly swept up by the range hood and taken out of your home. This helps leave your home fresh and free from lingering odors.

Nothing is more welcoming than coming home to a fresh smelling house. A clean house will help you relax and spend more time with your family rather than spending time cleaning. Consider your range hood a highly valuable appliance in your home. It has so many benefits that help make your life easier.

Overall Benefits of a Range Hood

There’s no denying that kitchen range hoods offer many benefits that improve your health and standards of living. Airborne toxins and pollutants are quickly swept out of your kitchen, leaving your home clean and fresh. Without these appliances, grease and grime is allowed to build up on walls and cabinets. In the end, we will spend more time trying to keep our house clean when it could be easily avoided.

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