Remodel for the New Year

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Remodel for the New Year

The New Year is a great excuse to remodel our bathrooms. One of the most important but overlooked appliances in a bathrooms are ventilation fans. Ventilation fans are responsible for fresh air exchange that removes humidity and toxic air trapped in the bathroom. Without an efficient ventilation fan, the risk of mold growth dramatically increases and we create an unhealthy environment for our family and guests.

The biggest misconception when purchasing a bathroom fan is that all ventilation fans are equal and do the same thing; exchange air in the bathroom. Yes, it is true that all bathroom ventilation fans exchange air, but some fans are designed for larger or smaller rooms and can exchange air at higher or lower rates. Other fans come with special features that include LED lighting, humidity sensors, heaters, and operational noise ratings (Sones). For each of these features, there is an additional cost that could make the fan very expensive or cheap. For instance, a Broan XB110HL comes with a humidity sensor and a light and is valued at $360, while a fan without these features costs $260. However, Broan-Nutone is not the only manufacturer that makes high quality fans. Delta Breez offers extremely quiet and efficient ventilation fans that feature a power-saving DC brushless motor. Not only are their products high-quality, they are also a fraction of the price of most top rated manufacturers.

The year 2018 is just around the corner, and there is no time to waste on finding the right ventilation fan. With each year passing, your bathroom becomes more out of date and energy costs continually rise. To make finding the right bathroom fan easier, we have compiled a list below of our recommended Delta Breez fans that will give your bathroom the upgrade it needs.

Recommended Delta Breez Fans



Delta GBR80H Bathroom Fan With Humidity Sensor

< 0.8

Delta SIG80-110HLED Bathroom Fan

< 0.3

Delta GBR80MHLED Bathroom Fan

< 0.8

Delta GBR100LED-Décor Bathroom Fan

< 1.4

Delta GBR80LED Bathroom Fan

< 0.8

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